Reminders from COVID-19 Task Force and the team

The COVID-19 Task Force and the team behind would like to thank the many  caring Sisters and Brothers-in-Christ who have given us invaluable feedback about our preparations for the Registration process and Booking of Masses during this Phase 2 period. 


In this update for you, here are some key reminders that will be useful for you to keep handy: opens tomorrow Saturday, 27 Jun 2020 at 9am for the Registrationof all individual Catholics. We expect high user traffic, so you may experience some lagging in the registration process or maybe even access problems. If that is your experience we encourage you to return to the site later. As explained earlier, there is no need to RUSH as its simply signing up and a pre-registration exercise. So take your time over this weekend, get acquainted with the system before booking begins later.


The actual booking of a slot for Mass at your selected church begins next week. More information on this step will be released soon.


Some of us may have fellow Catholics who may be without access to computers, smartphones or technology. Please reach out to help them.


Please remember that as our churches open progressively, Mass scheduling and the availability of slots will continue to be a work in progress. There are numerous logistical and safety challenges each church has to overcome and these must be considered. Keep a look out for announcements from your church on their resumption plans or from the Archdiocese in the coming week/s.


As churches make preparations to welcome our Sisters and Brothers back to worship safely as a community, logistics and manpower have become glaring necessities. If you are healthy and able-bodied, preferably below the age of 60 - our Catholic communities need you to give a hand to help make the gradual resumption of Masses in our churches a success. Please contact the church you’ve registered to attend Mass at. 


If you require more information about Registration and the Booking of Masses please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions at


Thank you and God bless


Released by the COVID-19 Task Force and the team
26 June 2020

p.s. If you're a front-end (React), back-end dev, UI/UX designer, UX writer, product manager and are keen to contribute as a member of the Digital Church Team, please write to [email protected]


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