Updates from COVID-19 Task Force and the myCatholic.sg team

The COVID-19 Task Force and the team behind myCatholic.sg have received a number of encouraging messages and emails from Catholics in Singapore. Many are excited about returning to their churches and some have also written in asking about the registration process and booking of Mass. In response, the team would like to offer some updates and clarification on a few things:

There are two important steps in the process for the booking of Mass:

(1) Registration of Catholics - that they identify themselves and the church they attend, and
(2) Booking of an actual Mass slot (date and time) at the selected church.


Step 1:

myCatholic.sg opens this Saturday, 27 Jun 2020 at 9am for the registration of all individual Catholics. Please note that you cannot register beforehand. There is also no need to rush. But please understand that this registration does not guarantee you a slot at Mass. Visit the site anytime after the launch. As we expect high user traffic, you may experience some lagging in the registration process. In such an instance we encourage you to return to the site at a later time.

Step 2:

At a soon-to-be announced date and time, go to myCatholic.sg and proceed with the login process by using your registered email and password (from step 1 above) to book your slot for Mass. More information on this step will be released in due time.

As churches open progressively, Mass scheduling and the availability of slots will continue to be a work in progress. The numerous logistical and safety challenges each church has to overcome must be taken into consideration. Keep a look out for announcements from your church on their resumption plans or from the Archdiocese in the coming week/s.

For some of our silver seniors who may be without access to computers, smartphones or even an email for registration, we encourage you to reach out to your family, parishioners or friends for assistance. As a community of believers let us reach out to those who may be unfamiliar with technology. Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs to find out how you can be of assistance.

Every Catholic is our concern. While we pray we can all worship as a community again soon, for the safety and health of our families, we highly encourage our elderly and very young children to continue participating in the celebration of online Masses. We are still in the early stages of Phase 2 of the re-opening of the country and we need to maintain strict precautions. Remember there is no rush as registration is ongoing and more places at Mass will be made available, if we continue to keep our churches safe.

Brothers and Sisters these are not normal times that we are living in.

While we remain one Church, the way we are used to doing things - in the short term, will have to change. The church you select to Register yourself at to attend Mass in Phase 2, should be the church you are most active in. If you are a ministry member in another church - you will have to make this short-term choice. The MCCY stipulation is clear to all Religious Organisations that we are to be cautious about keeping all congregants to a dedicated centre of worship - and in our case a church - to reduce the possibility of cross infecting others in another (bubble) or church.

Even to our volunteers whom we are truly dependent upon and to whom we are most grateful. Please select one place, volunteer in one place and attend Mass in one place.

Look out for our updates on our FAQ page as often as you can.

It is our hope that the celebration of Masses in our churches resume sooner than later. Let us all work together with christian charity towards a fair system for the allocation of Masses and a safe environment for our families.

We give thanks to God and offer our prayers for the protection of our priests and many volunteers who help with the preparations and the actual onsite work in the coming weeks ahead.

Thank you and God bless


Released by the COVID-19 Task Force and the myCatholic.sg team
25 June 2020


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