MCCY Pilot Test with Religious Organisations

With just about a month after our Catholic churches opened their doors progressively to congregants, the Archdiocese wanted our parishes to have more time to tighten and strengthen all their ground operations to handle the current number of 50 people at Mass.

Between 20th July and 28th July, MCCY conducted thorough inspections at some of our Churches to understand how they handled visitors and how the Priests heard Confession. They scrutinised procedures for daily Mass, Weddings, Funerals as well as processes and measures for Holy Communion.

On the whole MCCY Officers were pleased the extra mile the Archdiocese had gone to recommend additional guidelines particularly in the area of the celebration of the sacraments.

Our COVID-19 Taskforce has already identified two churches that are ready to participate in the next pilot project when available.

In the meantime, the COVID-19 Taskforce will continue to work closely with Parish Priests and their teams to ensure that our systems and processes are robust to eventually welcome more of our Catholic family back to Church.

Released by the COVID-19 Task Force and the team
25 June 2020


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